WWGA Youth Flock Program Testimonials

2012 Recipient Lexee Craig

Dear Wyoming Wool Growers,

Everything with my flock is doing very good. I sold my bucks for a decent price to a guy from Ten Sleep. Some of that money I put away to pay for the money that I owe WWGA in a couple years. With the rest of the money, I bought two ewe-lambs from Joe Salzman.

This coming spring I will have seven ewes to lamb. Four of them which have lambed before. I put the buck in with my ewes on October 5th. I am due to lamb on March 1st. Last year I had four ewes lamb and I got three lambs, all of which are rams. One of them I showed at the Washakie County Fair. At fair I got Reserve Champion Overall Breeding Ram.
I didn't compete at the Wyoming State Fair in Douglas, WY.

We have had our sheep on hay stubble since October 5th. Then on November 16th we moved our sheep to a neighbors place across the road, on hay stubble as well. We hope to bring them home around the first of the upcoming year.

Ryan Schmeltzer

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