WWGA Youth Flock Program

The Wyoming Wool Growers Association (WWGA) is proud to offer an opportunity for Wyoming youth to learn first-hand how to raise a flock of sheep and more about the sheep industry.   The WWGA membership invites the youth of the UW 4-H program and the FFA program to apply to be awarded an annual starter flock consisting of three bred ewes and two ewe lambs.  The youth flock program helps off set initial startup costs and provides the youth with quality animals to ensure a positive start on their learning experience.

The program lasts for four years  and youth are expected to work with local volunteers, education experts, industry producers, their local veterinarians, etc. as they learn to raise, mange, care for, and exhibit their growing flock of sheep. Youth are expected to keep accurate records of their flock as well as business income and expenses.  Additionally youth are expected to exhibit at county and/or state fair.  Upon completion of their fourth year the youth is expected to “give back” to the WWGA by returning three head of sheep or make a payment of $400 in lieu of the animals.  All proceeds are used to continue the opportunity.

The Youth Flock Program of the WWGA is one of many ways that the Wyoming Wool Growers Association continues to support the heritage or our great state, support the youth of our state, and provide a high quality educational experience for potential future sheep producers in Wyoming.  Everyone wins!   The youth, the sheep industry, and the State of Wyoming. 

2015 Application pending
For questions please contact: Regan Smith at 307-754-3130 or wsvsmith@yahoo.com

Click here to read a story from two of our Youth Flock recipients!


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