The mission of the WWGA is to assist or support its members in any appropriate activity that would benefit them in the business of sheep, lamb and wool, goat or livestock production in the state of Wyoming and in the management and enhancement of Wyoming’s natural resource base. In furtherance of this mission, the following are the stated objectives of the WWGA:

a) To protect, preserve, promote and enhance the sheep, lamb, wool, goat and livestock industries of Wyoming, as well as the ranching communities and lifestyle of Wyoming and the West.

b) To care for, enhance and add value to the natural resources of the state of Wyoming.

c) To promote beneficial legislation in the interests of sheep, goat and/or livestock producers and their associated industries, and to endeavor to prevent the enactment of any legislation harmful to them.

d) To promote policies that are beneficial to members and their associated industries in areas of public lands, wildlife damage, import/export, water, animal care and husbandry, and other relevant issues.

e) To develop and secure optimum markets for sheep and other livestock, and their products, and to promote and improve marketing opportunities or systems.

f) To work in cooperation with other state and national organizations, agencies, and institutions on any issues and programs beneficial to the members of WWGA as well as the health, welfare and advancement of the sheep, goat and livestock business and the animals which are vital to it.
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