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Dues were raised to $1.00 in 1941. Suggestions were being made that prizes be offered for wool garments made by 4-H club girls and exhibited at the State Fair. The year 1941 will stand out in the history of the Wyoming Wool Growers Auxiliary as one of the most eventful years since its organization. Time and effort was pledged to an "all out defense". The Auxiliary was responsible for 1,021 blankets, and 1,402 blankets furnished from the State Penitentiary, being sent to Bundles for British, all made from Wyo. wool. Five dollars was donated to the Red Cross, and lamb consumption in the state was reported to have increased 100%.

In the years 1942 and 1943 no meetings were held and activities were curtailed due to the war. Also, no activities were recorded in the years 1944, 1945, or 1946.

In 1947 activities were resumed and dues raised to $3.00 a year. Discussion ensured regarding the Make It Yourself With Wool Contest. We do not know when the contest actually started but the first recorded competition was held in 1948 at Cody with 28 girls participating. Mrs. O.T. Evans, Casper, was State Director.

In 1950, the membership rose to a total of 173 and four Auxiliaries were organized, namely: Rock Springs, Rawlins, Casper and Buffalo. In 1955, membership was recorded at 189 members.

An Effort was made in 1958 to get the group to sponsor a Miss Wool contest, but failed. Apparently Texas was promoting this project and when Wyoming did not accept the project, Texas said they would pick a girl from Wyoming. In 1959, Wyoming decided they would pick their own Miss Wool from a student at the University of Wyoing. Miss Earlene West was selected as the first Miss Wool in Wyoming. Her duties consisted of appearing at functions throughout the State promoting the wear ability and beauty of Wool. In 1960, Mrs.. Charles Vivion, assisted by Dr. Alex Johnston, of the University of Wyo., were named Directors of the contest and their job was to pick a
Miss Wool. Eventually contests for the selection of Miss Wool were held. The program encountered financial difficulties--each year it became increasingly difficult to raise the money needed to sponsor the program. In 1963 the Auxiliary agreed not to have a contest. It was resumed in 1964 but finally dropped permanently in 1973.

The Wyoming Wool Growers Auxiliary, since its organization , was involved in promoting the eating of lamb. In 1958, the A.S.P.C. (American Sheep Producers Council) made funds available in the amount of $250.00toservelamb at State Fairs and in 1959, for the first time, lamb was served to 4-H members at State Fair. In 1960, and award to 4-H lamb cookery projects was made available. In 1961 Lamb-O-Ramas were started throughout the State and lamburgers were grilled and given free to the public. The purpose of the Lamb-O-Rama was to introduce the public to another delicious was to serve lamb. In 1962 it was reported that 19,000 lamburgers had been given away. Lamb-O-Ramas continued through 1966 with most local Auxiliaries participating in them. Lamb promotion activities are still an active project of the State Auxiliary, as well as the County Auxiliaries.

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"Wool breathes. It's natural fibers keep the body temperatures even & it absorbs perspiration."
Roberta Kaplan



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